Pushing Through Hard Times

May 16, 2017

Pushing Through Hard Times By Grant Gaines There are very few excuses that give you full permission to miss work without having to pay a consequence. Some of those reasons are great – having a baby, getting married, or winning a company-sponsored vacation. Unfortunately, however, not all of the reasons for missing work are great. […]

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Fear in the Presence

May 9, 2017

Fear in the Presence By Grant Gaines Some things go together ever so perfectly – peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, and of course, the Dallas Cowboys and the word “Super Bowl champions!” Of course, not everything can coexist in the same place at the same time. For example, I’m not so sure it’s […]

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Come Just As You Are

May 2, 2017

Come Just As You Are By Grant Gaines Pre-made meals have come a long way since Swanson first introduced America to the “TV Dinner” in the 1950’s. The meals today still have the basic layout as their ancestors – meat, vegetables, and often, a dessert, but the finished product of today’s frozen meals is far […]

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Big Brother

April 25, 2017

Big Brother By Grant Gaines It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Denise Long turned her back on her toddler grandson –Booker – for just long enough to miss what was about to happen. The one year old child was innocently splashing his hands around in a small birdbath when a venomous three foot rattlesnake came slithering […]

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